oct 20 2018 – ZALAEGERSZEG


july 26 2018 – VIGÁNTPETEND

The Valley of the Arts Festival | Vigántpetend | Cirque du Tókert

The Valley of the Arts is the oldest among the major festivals of Hungary as it was started in 1989 with the aim of promoting Kapolcs region’s cultural and economic values. The first festival engaged a few hundred visitors and a dozen of performers only in a cosy, familiar, friendly atmosphere. Due to the festival’s long history, the Valley of the Arts has become and grown into a real cultural brand. Quality, value, culture, modern art, diversity – these are the buzzwords that describe the ten days long festival. (source:

july 10 2018 – LJUTOMER (SLO)

Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival

Since 2010, Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival is an adherent member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals federation (EFFFF).

Festival was launched in 2005 on 100th anniversary of Slovenian cinematography in Ljutomer, where first Slovenian motion pictures were made by the hand of Dr. Karol Grossmann. Initiated by Film Practice Plan 9, Development Agency of Prlekija and with help of European Structural Fund, one of the first international festivals dedicated to genre cinema in the region was put on the map. It featured a selection of unconventional movies and numerous film guests, which was something quite uncommon for Slovenian conditions. This tradition was carried on successfully, program and accompanying activities were constantly upgraded and with time Grossmann became one of most interesting film events in this part of Europe. With indispensable addition of wine – the pride and joy of Prlekija region – in the festival equation, completely new horizons of gastronomical pleasures were open to all our guests and visitors.

july 7 2018 – SZENTBÉKKÁLLA

Pegazus udvar

july 1 2018 – BUDAPEST

VALYO Kikötő (Hajóállomás 1.)

The concept of VALYO KIKÖTŐ (Port Valyo) is to renew the more thousands of square meter area and former port facility, next to Rákóczi bridge by communal and cultural urban development means. VALYO KIKÖTŐ is a venue for 300-500 people, which runs continuously in the summer, suitable for outdoor movie screenings, concerts, performances, space for children’s workshops, workshops, trainings, sports programs, art festivals and cultural events.

june 15 2018 – SÁRVÁR

Alternatív Zenei Klub

AZK is close to our heart, it’s one of the country’s best clubs . We are happy to present our refurbished version of Dr Caligari here for the very first time!

sept 25 2015 – BUDAPEST


Művelődési Szint (Community & Art Floor, in Hungarian) or in short Müszi is an independent complex cultural space, an incubation house for artists and activists, a space hosting community arts projects, creative workshops and various cultural and social events open for the general public. Müszi is an open minded meeting place which opened its doors in September 2012, and has become a junction in the cultural life of Budapest, hosting an average of 120 various events per month.

sept 20 2014 – ZALAEGERSZEG

Keresztury Dezső ÁMK